Uniden UHF Radios

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Ultra high frequency devices or better known as UHF Radios allow for individuals to communicate over short distances, just like mobile phones do however theres no need for mobile towers to be present.

There are may reasons UHF radios are used, and depends on the individuals and the application. people may use these devices to chat about where the fish are biting along the coast, attached to a quad bike used in hunting. CB UHF Radios are robust, easy to use and affordable and can be used in many industries like mining, automotive, healthcare, marine, publishing plus much more. Most of which are totally suited to outdoor use even in heavy rain or dust. Buttons on the hand-piece make changing channels easy while in motion. Loud speakers allow to hear around loud machinery or when riding on loud vehicles like quad-bikes even at speed. The available functions per UHF radio ranges but generally are simple to use with the changing of channels and holding down a button on the mic and speaking.

The advantages of using a CB radios weather they are UHF or AM there are no costs associated with it in making calls to others like mobile phones do, however UHF’s distinct advantage over mobile phones is that it can work anywhere and requires little to no infrastructure to be in place. The disadvantages are that it is a public call and others can listen in on the conversation and that distance and weather can affect the call. See below our wide range of UNIDEN UHF RADIOS:

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