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GoodLife OnGuard HandHeld UltraSonic Dog Deterrent Torch Alarm


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  • Model: GOODLIFE
  • Manufactured by: LIGHTNINGCELL
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Good Life OnGuard HandHeld UltraSonic Dog Deterrent Torch Alarm Function

1 Year Australian Warranty

Handheld Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Repel unwanted dogs or stop your own dog’s unwanted behavior with OnGuard™. This handheld deterrent works by emitting ultrasonic sound. The high-pitched noise is silent to you but really irritating to dogs. Now you can repel approaching dogs on your walk, run or bike ride or use OnGuard™ to stop your dog’s unwanted behaviors like jumping on furniture and barking at the door.


Product Features

Repel Dogs with Ultrasonic Sound
Loud, Pulsating Safety Alarm
High Output LED Flashlight



OnGuard™ Deterrent and Trainer

Repel Unwanted Dogs.

With the push of a button, OnGuard™ repels dogs up to 15 metres away using a stream of ultrasonic sound. This high-pitched sound is inaudible to you, but has a strong repelling effect on approaching dogs.

Stop Your Dog's Unwanted Behavior.

Use OnGuard's ultrasonic function to deter your dog from unwanted behaviors like barking or jumping on the furniture. This technique helps stop bad habits all while being completely safe and humane.

Easy to Carry. Comfortable to Hold.

The ergonomic hand grip and dual rubber coating make taking OnGuard™ on your next neighborhood walk, jog, or bike ride easy. OnGuard™ also comes with a convenient wrist lanyard.

Become the Center of Attention.

Quickly draw attention to your location by activating the loud, pulsating panic alarm. The audible alarm can be turned on (and stay on) if needed in an emergency situation.

Light Up the Dark.

Illuminate dark parking lots, paths, and rooms with the OnGuard's high output LED flashlight. Use the flashlight in constant mode or switch to the strobe option if necessary.