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LUTRON SL4033SD Sound Level Meter


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  • Manufactured by: MASTER INSTRUMENTS
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LUTRON SL4033SD Sound Level Meter





Description SL4033SD Sound Level Meter
Brand Lutron
Width 68mm
Height 245mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 45mm
Weight 489g

SD card real time data logger sound level meter.


  • Frequency and time weighting meets IEC 61672 class 1 standard 
  • A & C weighting networks comply with standards. 
  • 0.5" standard microphone head. 
  • Time weighting (Fast & Slow) dynamic characteristic modes. 
  • Build External calibration VR. 
  • Auto range & Manual range selection. 
  • Available for external calibration adjustment. 
  • Condenser microphone for high accuracy & long-term stability. 
  • Memory function to store the Max. & Min. value. 
  • Hold and Peak Hold functions. 
  • Real time SD memory card Datalogger, Built-in Clock and Calendar, real time data recorder, sampling time set from 1 second to 3600 seconds. 
  • Manual datalogger is available (set the sampling time to 0 second), while using the manual datalogger function, it can set the different position (location) No. (position 1 to position 99). 
  • Innovation and easy operation, computer is not needed to setup extra software. After using datalogger, just remove SD card from the meter and plug in the SD card into the computer to download all the measured value with the time information ( year/month/date/ hour/minute/second ) directly to Excel, then user can make further data or graphic analysis by themselves. 
  • SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB. 
  • LCD with green light backlight, easy reading. 
  • Can default auto power off or manual power off. 
  • Data hold, record max. and min. reading. 
  • Microcomputer circuit, high accuracy. 
  • Power by UM3/AA ( 1.5 V ) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter. 
  • RS232/USB PC COMPUTER interface. 
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case.