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  • Manufactured by: UNIDEN
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Introducing the new XDECT 7055 + 3WP (featuring a waterproof, fully submersible/floating handset) is the new benchmark in digital cordless phone communication offering Extended Coverage for the DECT frequency. What makes XDECT unique and superior to other cordless phones is the diversity antenna system for optimal reception and clarity by mitigating multi-path errors. The high gain antenna allows for greater range and to eliminate dropout areas in your home.

Designed and engineered in Japan, Uniden's XDECT 7055 + 3WP has been purpose built for Australia and New Zealand. Ideal for high-density urban living - the XDECT range is wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly meaning the cordless phone will not interfere with other wireless networks in the surrounding area.

The stand-out features aimed at providing the user with enhanced control over incoming phone calls. Through activation of a new Call Block feature - a cordless phone first - When call block is on and the incoming number matches a number in the blocker memory. The phone will answer the call and announce "no one is available to take your call" then hang up. In addition, the integrated digital answering machine offers a Do Not Disturb function, allowing the ringer on the Handset and the Base to be muted at once. For easier caller identification, the XDECT 7055 + 3WP series also enables the user to allocate polyphonic ringtones to individual callers in addition to displaying caller ID.



The XDECT 7055 + 3WP is equipped with 2 standard additional handsets and 1 fully Submersible/Waterproof handset. The XDECT 7055 + 3WP features an Integrated Digital Answering Machine ensuring you never miss that important call. The Dual Keypad allows you to also call from the base. The Digital Duplex Speakerphone on the handset and base makes hands-free communication a breeze.

The Additional Waterproof/Submersible Handset meets JIS7 Waterproof Specifications* This handset is Durable and Rugged enough to use Indoors and Outdoors. It is fully submersible in the Pool and Floats! With handy Rubber Side Grips and is Dust and Dirt Proof– Ideal for Factory use.

Uniden’s quality and performance make the XDECT 7055 + 3WP an outstanding and reliable digital choice.

Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Uniden XDECT Extended Digital Cordless Phone System
XDECT 7005WP is compatible with the XDECT 7015, XDECT 7055, SSE25, SSE27, DECT 2015 and DECT2035† series.
Extended Coverage in any home using Uniden’s Exclusive
High Gain Diversity Antenna
Submersible Waterproof Additional Handset

• Meets JIS7 Waterproof Specifications*
• Durable and Rugged Enough to Use Indoors or Outdoors
• Floats and is Submersible in the Pool
• Rubber Side Grips
• Dust and Dirt Proof Handset – Ideal for Factory Use

Advanced Alpha Display Caller ID

• 3 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
• POP ID - Caller Name Identification
• Alpha Display Caller ID
• 30 Caller ID Memories and 70 Phonebook
• Entries on each Handset
• Caller ID (Type 1 and Type 2)

Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handsets
Wireless (WiFi)Network Friendly
Built-in Clarity Plus Antenna
Clock/Date/Banner and Battery Display
Alphabetical Search and Dial
Visual Message Indicator and New Call Indicator
Hearing Aid Compatible (T-Coil)
Orange Backlit LCD Display and Orange Backlit Keypad (XDECT 7005WP Handset Only)
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Maxi-Sound – Extra Loud Handset Volume Control
Download Phonebook Between Handsets
Up to 10 Hours Talk Time
Up to 7 Days Standby Time
Belt Clip Included
Keypad Lock
Additional Features:
Talk Time: 10 Hours
Standby Time: 7Days
Battery Capacity: DC 2.4V, 500mAH
Wall/Desk Mountable
Dimensions Handset & Base (XDECT 7055): 170mm (H) X 207mm (W) X 110mm (D)
Dimensions Handset & Charger (XDECT 7005): 170mm (H) X 67mm (W) X 75mm (D)
Dimensions Waterproof Handset & Charger (XDECT 7005WP): 190mm (H) X 77mm (W) X 90mm (D)