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  • Model: uh710-2
  • Manufactured by: UNIDEN
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Designed and Engineered in Japan

New Compact Design: Convenient and ergonomic

Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Conditions

80 UHF Channels#:

1 Watt Maximum TX Output Power: Maximum transmit power

Large Channel Display

Digital Coded Squelch (DCS): Choose from 104 alternative digital codes that can be sent with your transmission. The digital code is recognised by the selected receivers enabling them to receive the transmission. Receivers that do not recognize the digital code remain silent therefore blocking out unwanted conversations

D+ Booster (Extreme Distance Booster): Uses precision matched antennas to deliver superior range and enhance battery efficiencies compared to standard UHF systems

Long Life Super Switch: Select high(1W), medium (0.5W) RF output power to extend your battery power supply

Range Extender (Duplex) Capability: Allows the UH710SX to operate via a local repeater station, if available, which re-transmits your signal over a wider area. Up to an extra 30-100km depending on location, height and availability of local repeater station

VOX Hands Free Capable: Hands free operation using the UH710SX-2NB  is possible with Voice Activated Circuitry and the headset microphone

Interference Eliminator (38 CTCSS Codes): Block out unwanted conversations

Backlit LCD Display & Keypad: The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Keypad are backlit at the touch of a button for easy viewing at night or in low light situations

Instant Channel Programming and Recall: Program any channel as the Instant priority channel and recall it at the touch of a button

Dual Watch: Allows you to monitor the priority channel for activity every two seconds while monitoring another channel at the same time

Auto Battery Save: Allows the UH710SX to automatically save and conserve power when not in use

Low Battery Alert: When the battery level is low a short beep will sound at 15 minute intervals to remind you to change the battery

Roger Beep: Confirmation tone indicates the completion of your transmission

Busy Channel Lockout Function: Disable your transmitter while activity is detected on the channel

Open Scan: This scan mode scans all channels in memory and locks on to any active channels.

Group Scan: This scan mode allows the user to select the channels they wish to monitor⁄listen to in a group, along with a priority channel (priority watch)

Battery Level Indicator: Allows you to see the level of power left in the UH710SX batteries

Keypad Lock: Allows keys to be frozen

3 Level Preset Squelch: The UH710SX-NB has 3 preset squelch sensitivity levels to suit your operating environment

Room Monitor: Allows the UH710SX to automatically transmit for 15 seconds when it detects a continuous noise for4 or more seconds

Desktop Charger or Car⁄Truck Charger: Charge the UH710SX-NB in the desktop charger with AC Adaptor or charge directly in a Car⁄Truck using an optional +12V to +24V DC cigarette lead charger

Built-in Headset Jack

PACK Includes:

2x UH710SX-NB 80 channel Handhelds

2x Earpiece Microphone

6x AA Ni-MH 700mAh Batteries

2x Belt Clips

1x Single Desktop Charge Cradle

2x AC Adaptors

1 x instruction Manual

Calling Tone: Transmit up to 5 different calling tones to contact other users

# Please note CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited.

Specifications subject to change without notice.